Open Mainframe Project TSC Meeting - May 11, 2017


  • John Mertic, Linux Foundation
  • Phil Tully, ADP *
  • Bob Dahlberg, VCU *
  • Mark Post, SUSE *
  • Barton Robinson, Velocity Software
  • Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity
  • Ashley Freeth, IBM

Voting members not in attendance:

  • James Caffrey, IBM *
  • Dale Hoffman, IBM *
  • Marcel Mitran, IBM

Mr. Mertic opened the meeting at 1:06pm ET. Mr. Tully presented the following agenda for the meeting:

  • TSC Project updates
    • Internship
    • ADE
  • OpenStack on z/VM update
    • TSC approval as a top level project
  • Other business

TSC Project updates

Mr. Mertic indicated that Bob Dahlberg has taken over the internship program adminstration. Mr. Dahlberg provided the following update

  • First intern call was held this week, mentors have started working with interns on US programs.
  • Spending most of his time getting up to speed and processes organized
  • Mentor call next Thursday
  • Bob focusing on aligning mentors, projects, and interns. John focused on finance and legal paperwork coordination.

Mr. Tully said he would reach out to James Caffery for an update on ADE.

CloudStack on z/VM update

Mr. Tully, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Mertic indicated a call was held earlier this week, indicating that the group is moving forward slowly. There was an agreement to establish a weekly call cadence. Mr. Dahlberg asked to ensure the interns are included in future TSC calls and this subgroup’s calls once it is appropriate.

Mr. Tully proposed that CloudStack on z/VM be designated by the TSC as an top level project. Upon Mr. Tully motion and Mr. Dahlberg’s second, all voting TSC members approved. The TSC then asked the CloudStack on z/VM project to select a maintainer to serve as a member of the TSC.

Other Business

Mr. Mertic and Mr. Santalucia gave an update on the board discussion around technical engagement for OMP members, stressing the board seeing the importance of such. Mr. Santalucia encouraged the TSC to be supportive, inclusive, and open to member driven project, and work with members to encourage them to bring projects to the TSC.

Mr. Tully also shared the board conversation around engaging the larger technical ( both mainframe and non-mainframe ) community with the OMP. He asked TSC members to think of other places to get the word out around the project.

Meeting Cadence

The next meeting of the TSC was scheduled for June 8th, 2017 at 1:00pm Eastern Time.


Mr. Mertic closed the meeting at 1:39pm Eastern Time.