TAC Meetings

TAC Meetings are open to anyone interested in participating in the project. Meetings are generally scheduled for the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm US Eastern Time. Meeting links are below.

Meeting notes are posted soon after each meeting, along with recordings, in this directory.

Purpose of TAC meetings

TAC meetings are intended to be the focal point for the technical community of the Open Mainframe Project and its hosted projects and working groups. TAC meetings are open to anyone to attend, unless in the exceptional case that there is a sensitive topic to discuss, which requires a closed session.

TAC meetings are led by the TAC Chairperson or whomever they designate ( who should be either another TAC voting member or a member of the Open Mainframe Project staff ). TAC meetings will have a defined agenda circulated via the omp-technical mailing list. All meetings of the TAC will have a recording and notes provided soon after the meeting.

Generally, topics for a TAC meeting include:

  • A project or working group proposal.
  • Annual review of a project or working group or consideration for a project to move to a different stage.
  • An invited presentation on a topic of interest to the TAC or the Open Mainframe Project technical community. This might be tooling and infrastructure updates, presentations from related organizations/projects, or other program updates.

TAC meeting structure and agenda

TAC meetings are held twice a month, typically on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm US Eastern Time, and scheduled for 60 minutes.

You can propose a topic for the TAC by either:

  • Create a new issue under ‘TAC Meeting agenda item’.
  • Update an existing issue or pull request on the TAC repo with the tag ‘meeting-agenda’

Planned topics for the upcoming and next TAC meetings, along with future topics are listed here.

Agenda items will be considered based on the following criteria.

  • Any project proposal or review requires the agenda items to be submitted with the presentation at least two weeks before the TAC meeting.
  • At most, one project proposal or review will be part of a TAC meeting ( each expected to take 30-45 minutes ). Generally, the TAC will have at least one project proposal and one review in a month. If there are openings, an additional proposal or review may be added at the discretion of the TAC Chairperson.

Project and working group updates for TAC meetings

The TAC has a vested interest in the success of projects within the project lifecycle and active working groups. Projects and working groups are expected to provide monthly updates to the TAC and quarterly updates to the Governing Board.

The TAC will reserve 15 minutes in each of its meetings for projects to share any updates or concerns to the TAC, with a priority given to Active Stage, then Incubation Stage, and then Sandbox Stage projects.

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