Open Mainframe Project TSC Meeting - September 13, 2018


Voting member Attendees:

  • Bob Dahlberg, VCU
  • Mark Post, SUSE
  • Enyu Wang, IBM

Voting members not in attendance:

  • Phil Tully, ADP
  • James Caffrey, IBM
  • vacant, CA Technologies
  • Vincent Terrone, AIG
  • Mike MacIsaac, ADP
  • Matt Hogstrom, IBM
  • Joe Devlin, Rocket Software

Quorum NOT achieved.

Other Attendees

  • Mike Friesenegger, SUSE
  • David Edelsohn, IBM
  • Ingo Adlung, IBM
  • John Mertic, Linux Foundation
  • Ji Chen, IBM
  • Dave Jones, IBM
  • Rick Troth
  • Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity


Mr. Mertic opened the meeting at 1:05pm ET. Mr. Mertic presented the following agenda for the meeting:

  • Top Level Project Updates
    • Cloudstack on z/VM
    • Internship
    • ADE
    • Zowe
  • Review proposal for z/VM Cloud connector

Mr. Dahlberg also indicated he is doing a capstone project with the students on beta

Top Level Project Updates

Cloudstack on z/VM

Mr. Friesenegger said he do a demo at the next call to showcase how to use Git and contribute to the z/VM Cloud connector project.


Finishing up with the last interns, final payments are going out this week. Been in contact with OMP marketing on promoting this year’s interns and promoting next years. Also reporting next year will move to GitHub to improve access.

Mr. Mertic discussed that next year’s internship program is open and there is a flyer and web landing page for students to review and apply. There was discussion on promoting to more universities which attendees said they would share the flyer with.


No update.


No update.

Review proposal for z/VM Cloud connector

Mr. Chen introduced the z/VM Cloud connector project for consideration of the TSC to bring in as a top level project.

There was some discussion on the licensing and contribution process currently, which currently uses an Apache 2 license and would shift to using the DCO for contributions.

TSC voting members in attendance decided to take to the TSC Voting email list for approval.

Other business

No other business was brought forward.

Meeting Cadence

The next meeting of the TSC was scheduled for September 13th, 2018 at 1:00pm Eastern Time.


Mr. Mertic closed the meeting at 1:51pm Eastern Time.