Open Mainframe Project

John Mertic, Linux Foundation (JM)

Mike Friesenegger, SUSE (MF)

Marcel Mitran, IBM (MM)

John M opened the call at 12:01pm ET.

- Marcel would like to talk about how we could evangelize projects and move actions forward.

- Mike F felt we need to spend time aligning on objectives and goals of the group.

- Marcel thought the high level mission is promoting Linux on System Z. Didn’t think the goal was the end all of evangelizing System Z.

- John M reviewed the goals and audiences agreed upon last meeting.

- Mike F asked we make a slide for this and review before each meeting

- Marcel worried that there isn’t a bridge from the broad statement to something tactical.

- Mike F said we should start working on getting the contributions and engagement going.

- Marcel worried that we are putting too much scope in the work of the TSC

- John M stated the TSC responsibilities as in the charter.

- Marcel agreed that we should focus there

- Mike F said focusing towards contributors is a good first step

- Marcel said we should define a set of core projects we should start focus

- John said we’ve had over 80 inquiries to date

- Marcel will send out a note to the group to help define these.

- Mike F mentioned that Berthold had concerns GSoC participation, as OpenSUSE has had issues with getting accepted in the past.

- John said he would wait for TSC to define core projects and how to engage before responding to contribution requests.

- John said the TSC still has many members to seat (ADP, project maintainers ) but should sit an interim chair to conduct business. Said he would kick the thread out over email and we could discuss at the next TSC meeting

Projects being discussed to be a part of core

- OpenJDK ( Marcel )

- IBM DW led projects around dev infrastructure and language, transition from IBM DW to Open Mainframe Project ( Docker? Go? )

— Marcel said less transition, but more have Open Mainframe Project representation in IBM DW.

— Docker hub based images for System Z?

- Openstack

- SUSE based System Z distro?

Meeting ended at 1:00pm ET.