Open Mainframe Project

John Mertic, Linux Foundation

Phil Tully, ADP *

Berthold Gunreben, SUSE *

Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity

David Austin, RSM Partners

Glenn Everitt, Compuware

Harry Williams, Marist College

(voting members denoted by asterisks)

Mr. Mertic opened the meeting at 2:05pm. Mr. Mertic presented the following agenda for the meeting:

- Update on Anomaly detection engine for Linux logs

- Finalize TSC project details.

- OpenSUSE build service overview (Mr. Gunreben)

Mr. Mertic acknowledged that there was not a quorum of TSC voting members for this call.

Update on Anomaly detection engine for Linux logs

Mr. Mertic reminded the group that a vote to accept this contribution as a Open Mainframe Project TSC project is active on the mailing list. Mr. Mertic further indicated that there will be a formal announcement via a press release on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, and that the code will be in a new GitHub repo by that time. Mr. Mertic also indicated that this vote would welcome James Caffery, the project maintainer, as a voting member of the TSC.

Finalize TSC project details

Mr. Mertic asked the group to re-review the project list and provide updates ( Mr. Tully stressed the need to have this done as interns will begin applying to the program next week.

  1. Develop a JIT for OpenJDK ( Dale Hoffman )

Mr. Hoffman is still looking at bounty source for this.

  1. Docker – ( Marcel Mitran / Dale Hoffman )

Mr. Mertic said that Mr. Mitran and Mr. Hoffman have provided

  1. Assess and certify(?) popular Linux management tools for z Systems (e.g., ( Scott Fagen )

Mr. Tully to follow up with Mr. Fagen on this.

  1. Blockchain performance ( - ( Phil Tully / Len Santalucia )

Mr. Tully he will work with Mr. Santalucia in the next week or two to break this down.

OpenSUSE build service overview

Mr. Mertic introduced Mr. Gunreben to provide a presentation on the OpenSUSE build service.

Mr. Santalucia asked if a video recording of this presentation could be put online somewhere. Mr. Gunreben said he would look into that.

The next meeting of the TSC was scheduled for March 3^rd^, 2016 at 1:00pm Eastern Time.

Mr. Mertic closed the meeting at 2:00pm Eastern Time.