Open Mainframe Project TSC Meeting - April 12, 2018


Voting member Attendees:

  • Phil Tully, ADP
  • Mike MacIsaac, ADP
  • Bob Dahlberg, VCU
  • Enyu Wang, IBM
  • Mark Post, SUSE

Voting members not in attendance:

  • James Caffrey, IBM
  • Gregory MacKinnon, CA Technologies
  • Vincent Terrone, AIG

Quorum achieved.

Other Attendees

  • John Mertic, Linux Foundation
  • Mike Friesenegger, SUSE
  • Russ Herrold
  • Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity
  • Neale Ferguson, Sine Nomine Associate
  • Dave Jones
  • Alex Kim, Vicom Infinity
  • Rick Troth


Mr. Mertic opened the meeting at 1:06pm ET. Mr. Mertic presented the following agenda for the meeting:

  • New TSC rep from IBM - Enyu Wang
  • Top Level Project Updates
    • Cloudstack on z/VM
    • Internship
    • ADE Updates
  • Update on Marist/OSDL infrastructure program plans
  • Update on moving to be hosted under OMP GitHub

New TSC rep from IBM - Enyu Wang

Ms. Wang was introduced as the new TSC rep from IBM, and gave a short background on herself.

Cloudstack updates

Mr. MacIssac indicated they are having every other week meetings, several guest speakers lined up that are presenting solutions. There was some discussion on the drive to building an open source codebase, both selecting a code base and how to build it out. Mr. Ferguson indicated that he has a possible REST API to start from, and Mr. Dahlberg indicated that his students could do the work as part of a capstone program.

Internship updates

Mr. Dahlberg indicated that there were 71 applicants, and that 12 have been selected for the summer. Plans are underway for getting them up and going for the summer.

ADE Updates

Mr. Mertic indicated he spoke with James yesterday. The techincal work is progressing, but there is needed some help on moving to the latest version of SonarQube. Also, Mr. Mertic indicated that project needs better promotion, and is working with James on that.

Mr. Kim shared the link to the project ( ) and Mr. Ferguson shared the link to a Docker container built with it on ClefOS ( )

Update on Marist/OSDL infrastructure program plans

Mr. Mertic shared a document outlining the proposed program with the group, asking for feedback before the next TSC meeting

Moving to be hosted under OMP GitHub

Mr. Tully said there was no update, but planned to work on this for the next meeting.

Other business

No other business was brought forward.

Meeting Cadence

The next meeting of the TSC was scheduled for May 10th, 2018 at 1:00pm Eastern Time.


Mr. Mertic closed the meeting at 1:39pm Eastern Time.