Open Mainframe Project TSC Meeting - July 19, 2018


Voting member Attendees:

  • Bob Dahlberg, VCU
  • Mike MacIsaac, ADP
  • Matt Hogstrom, IBM
  • Vincent Terrone, AIG
  • Enyu Wang, IBM

Voting members not in attendance:

  • Phil Tully, ADP
  • James Caffrey, IBM
  • Gregory MacKinnon, CA Technologies
  • Mark Post, SUSE

Quorum achieved.

Other Attendees

  • John Mertic, Linux Foundation
  • Russ Herrold
  • David Edelsohn, IBM
  • Sean McBride
  • Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity
  • Dave Jones
  • Mike Friesenegger, SUSE
  • Usman Haider
  • Rick Troth


Mr. Mertic opened the meeting at 1:05pm ET. Mr. Mertic presented the following agenda for the meeting:

  • Top Level Project Updates
    • Cloudstack on z/VM
    • Internship
    • ADE
    • Zowe
  • Review keypunch and mainframe-job for OMP to host ( presentation by Sean McBride )
  • Review of TSC process and governance proposed changes ( see )

Top Level Project Updates


Mr. MacIsaac said the project is focusing on driving on a RESTful API for Z Linux to connect the front end ( z/VM to start ) with front end technologies. The document for this is being maintained at There was discussion if the aim for this API is for full agreement on the APi, which Mr. MacIsaac indicated it was.


Mr. Dahlberg shared that there are several mid terms reviews outstanding that he is chasing down. Mr. Dahlberg and Mr. Mertic indicated they would connect to on the outstanding reviews and ensure all the SE Asia based interns have a speaking slot ( OSSEU or KubeCon China or Hyperledger Global Forum ). Mr. Friesenegger indicated that his interns were working out of Trello successfully, which might be something worth considering in the future.


No update was provided.


Mr. Hosgstrom introduced himself and the Zowe project to the group. He indicated that the project will be introduced to the mainframe community at SHARE St. Louis in mid August, and to the larger world at Open Source Summit North America at the end of August.

Review keypunch and mainframe-job for OMP to host ( presentation by Sean McBride )

Mr. McBride presented both keypunch and mainframe-job to the group, as well as his background in the mainframe ecosystem and his current work focuses which are out of the mainframe space. The code is located at

Generally speaking the group liked the idea of bringing the code in. Mr. Mertic indicated he would conduct a vote offline for the code to be brought into the Open Mainframe Project.

Review of TSC process and governance proposed changes

Mr. Mertic led a discussion around proposed TSC governance changes that would (a) shift the TSC to formally manage an umbrella of top level projects and (b) have the composition of voting members not be tied to corporate sponsorship as it is today. In general this was well recieved with some discussion on how this could bring more mainframers and projects into the TSC purview.

Other business

No other business was brought forward.

Meeting Cadence

The next meeting of the TSC was scheduled for August 7th, 2018 at 1:00pm Eastern Time.


Mr. Mertic closed the meeting at 1:29pm Eastern Time.