Open Mainframe Project TSC Meeting - February 14, 2019


Voting member Attendees:

  • Bob Dahlberg, VCU ( Internship )
  • Phil Tully, ADP
  • Matt Hogstrom, IBM ( Zowe )

Voting members not in attendance:

  • Mark Post, SUSE
  • Enyu Wang, IBM
  • James Caffrey, IBM ( ADE )
  • Gregory MacKinnon, CA Technologies
  • Joe Devlin, Rocket Software

Quorum NOT achieved.

Other Attendees

  • John Mertic, Linux Foundation
  • Dave Jones
  • Len Santalucia
  • Hiren Shan
  • Mike MacIssac
  • Dan Horak
  • Dave Jeffries
  • David Edelsohn
  • Neale Ferguson
  • Rick Troth
  • Mike Friesenegger
  • Vincent Terrone


  • Project Updates
    • Incubating
      • Atom plugins
      • z/VM Cloud Connector
      • TerseDecompress
    • Active
      • ADE
      • Internship
      • Zowe
  • Rick Troth to present on CMSTAR, VMARC, and Curl
  • Hiren Shah to present project proposal - OSMF Workflows ( )
  • Supported Projects Program update
    • Discussion on how to determine open source projects that build on s390x but have endian issues or other runtime problems

Action Items


z/VM Cloud Connector to announce before SHARE Phoenix. Dave Jones said he was able to get going it going using the documentation from the existing team.

Internship is up to 58 applicants, deadline for applications is tomorrow. Neale indicated that he’s got associated with the DockerHub project and wanted to ensure that he’s keeping the spirit of the original submission as it appeared to be SUSE specific. John M indicated that the original submitter is no longer with the project and he could take it any direction he wishes. Mike F offered to help provide mentorship releases as well.

Zowe 1.0 released, all code EPL v2.0 now. Working on refining organization within the project. Intern for this summer.

Rick T presented CMSTAR, VMARC, and Curl. Matt H offered to connect Rick T to the cbttape team for cross pollination.

Hiren presented the OSMF Workflows project for review by the TSC. Matt H and Ingo said they would work with Hiren on governance and then bring back to the TSC when it’s ready for a vote.

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