Open Mainframe Project TSC Meeting - March 14, 2019


Voting member Attendees:

  • Bob Dahlberg, VCU ( Internship )
  • JP Linardon, Rocket Software ( Joe Devlin delegate )
  • Mark Post, SUSE
  • Matt Hogstrom, IBM ( Zowe )

Voting members not in attendance:

  • Joe Devlin, Rocket Software
  • Phil Tully, ADP
  • Enyu Wang, IBM
  • James Caffrey, IBM ( ADE )
  • Gregory MacKinnon, CA Technologies

Quorum NOT achieved.

Other Attendees

  • John Mertic, Linux Foundation
  • Klaus Egeler, IBM
  • Gerry Fallon, Linux Foundation
  • David Edelsohn, IBM
  • Rick Troth
  • Ingo Adlung, IBM
  • Usman Haider
  • Vincent Terrone, Vicom Infinity
  • Mike MacIssac, ADP


  • Project Updates
    • Incubating
      • Atom plugins
      • z/VM Cloud Connector
      • TerseDecompress
    • Active
      • ADE
      • Internship
      • Zowe
  • Follow up on project proposal - OSMF Workflows ( )
  • ICP on Z
  • Supported Projects Program update
    • Discussion on how to determine open source projects that build on s390x but have endian issues or other runtime problems

Action Items

  • OSMF Workflow updated proposal next week
  • Keep submitting project ideas!
  • John to follow up with ICP on Z group on next steps
  • John to schedule Doodle poll for follow up meeting on OSS ecosystem management for s390x


z/VM Cloud Connector

TerseDecompress needs to do one final thing and it will be ready to publically announce.

Internship program selections under way - 104 applications this year. Finalizing selections by March 25th. Some confusion on active projects vs inactive. Looking at Community Bridge for the backend for next year.

Zowe community doing well, discussion now on supporting and maintaining releases through the subprojects. Seeing more applications being built on Zowe.

No updates on the OSMF Workflows proposal yet - plan to have refined proposal for next week.

ICP on Z no updates, Ingo possibily sees a project for the group to work on.

Matt H asked if there was a good way to identify open source projects not working on s390x. Lots of discussion, shared several resources:

Plan to do meeting before next TSC meeting to come up with structure for this effort.

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