Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - August 26, 2021


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America/Los_Angeles Thu 26-Aug-2021 10:00 (10:00 AM)
America/Denver Thu 26-Aug-2021 11:00 (11:00 AM)
America/Chicago Thu 26-Aug-2021 12:00 (12:00 PM)
America/New_York Thu 26-Aug-2021 13:00 (01:00 PM)
Europe/London Thu 26-Aug-2021 18:00 (06:00 PM)
Europe/Amsterdam Thu 26-Aug-2021 19:00 (07:00 PM)
Asia/Shanghai Fri 27-Aug-2021 01:00 (01:00 AM)
Asia/Tokyo Fri 27-Aug-2021 02:00 (02:00 AM)

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Voting member rollcall:

  • Phil Tully, ADP ( Platinum Member )
  • Gregory MacKinnon, Broadcom ( Platinum Member )
  • Joe Bostian, IBM ( Platinum Member )
  • Tatiana Balaburkina, Rocket Software ( Platinum Member )
  • Mark Post, SUSE ( Platinum Member )
  • James Caffrey, IBM ( ADE )
  • Sudharsana Srinivasan, IBM ( COBOL Programming Course )
  • Kip Twitchell ( GenevaERS )
  • Bob Dahlberg, VCU ( Mentorship )
  • Sean Grady, Rocket Software ( Zowe )

Quorum Achieved.

Other Attendees

  • John Mertic
  • Chien Yueh (Rocket/ASG)
  • Alexander Efremkin (IBM)
  • Dan HorĂ¡k (Red Hat)
  • Joe Winchester (IBM)
  • Hiren Shah (IBM)
  • Len Santalucia (Vicom Infinity)
  • Ingo Adlung (IBM)
  • Elizabeth K. Joseph (IBM)
  • Mike MacIsaac (ADP)
  • Joe Devlin (Zoss Team)
  • Clay Crowell (ASG)


Extracted from meeting-agenda labelled issues and pull requests from openmainframeproject/tac prior to the meeting.

Action Items


Hiren Shah gave an annual review update on Zorow.

Questions from the group:

  • What is holding Zorow back from graduating?
    • Technical perspective - nothing major
    • Lack of commits and contributors has been the primary blocker.
  • Questions on if there are some distribution channels that could help uptake
    • Not sure, but good to think about
    • Feedback is to look into this more, as distribution channels make an impact on project ecosystems
    • Also would different formats of consuming help?
    • Suggestions of git in USS and Jenkins to pull it. Also explore other channels.

TAC asked the project to set goals to move towards Active stage. Joe Bostian and Kip offered to mentor and work with Hiren.

Motion to renewal incubation, Kip move, Bob second, all approved.

Presentation for Atom plugins to be rescheduled.

No progress on LFX Chat

Project updates:

  • Open z/OS Enablement WG- focusing on ecosystem development learning, waiting to see if a community available Z instance comes available.
  • Debian s390x WG - Elizabeth looking to pick this up, working to get practices from SUSE community.
  • Software Discovery Tool- mentorship program winding down, VM launched this morning to host this. Working on new Debian release.
  • Mainframe Open Education - aligning on a learning management system (LSM) for this, John to connect them with LF Training. Open Education Project is looking into a Moodle currently as a potential LSM
  • ConsoleZ - quiet over the summer, meetings starting up in September. Several presentations recently, one at Open Mainframe Summit next month. Working on some issues with the throughput of large files and getting into historical logs.
  • Zowe - getting engagement on upcoming events. Zowe is readying a survey to the user community. ZLC has fully transitioned to the Zowe Advisory Council (ZAC), now that the TSC has taken leadership of the project.
  • Mentorship - winding down on summer mentorships. Fall mentorships with Western University and VCU in college credit mentorships. Starting to look for projects for spring - several universities interested in college credit mentorships. Also looking for summer mentorship projects. Looking for help in managing the mentorship program as well.
  • GenevaERS - lots of energy from the active status. Continuing work on Spark integration. Expanding demo system to include workbench and download capabilities. Website getting transferred over to the LF.
  • COBOL Programming Course - summer mentorship program winding down, courses updated with Zowe additions. Mentees will stick with the project going forward and be featured in several upcoming events.