Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - October 13, 2022

Meeting Recording

A recording of the meeting and the transcript are both available at the link below:

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Voting member rollcall:

  • Gregory MacKinnon, Broadcom ( Platinum Member )
  • Phil Tully, Citi ( Platinum Member )
  • Joe Bostian, IBM ( Platinum Member )
  • Mark Post, SUSE ( Platinum Member )
  • Andrea Orth ( GenevaERS )
  • Sean Grady, Rocket Software ( Zowe )

Quorum Achieved.

Not in Attendance

  • Bob Dahlberg, VCU ( Mentorship )
  • Giancarlo Frix, Rocket Software ( Platinum Member )
  • vacant, ADP ( Platinum Member )

Other Attendees

  • Yarille Kilborn, Linux Foundation
  • Sam Golob
  • Alexander Efremkin
  • Kuriakose Jijo George
  • Daniel Horak
  • Len Santalucia
  • David Edelsohn
  • John Mertic, Linux Foundation


Extracted from meeting-agenda labeled issues and pull requests from openmainframeproject/tac prior to the meeting.


Polycephaly Project

There was a conversation between Mr. Tully and Mr. Santalucia to put the Polycephaly project to be put on hold. The previous lead has moved on and a new project lead needs to be found. Once a new lead is found, there can be a discussion regarding reactivating the project.

Resolution: Place the Polycephaly project on hold until new leadership is established. Mr. Tully presented the motion and it was seconded by Mr. Bostian. All members approved.

Tessia Annual Review

Mr. Kuriakose Jijo George introduced himself and announced he is taking over as lead of the Tessia project. He proceeded to present the annual review. He noted a reorganization of the team and adding four new members, external contributions, a major release focused on improvements to the web-interface and security updates. For the next year they will continue with reorganization, project management, and development activities.

Resolution: Extend the tessia project in the incubation phase for another year. Mr. Tully motioned for approval, Mr. Post seconded, and all were in favor.

CBT Tape Annual Review:

Mr. Golob presented a summary of the CBT Tape project’s past year’s accomplishments. There was a brief conversation regarding the mainframe and the CBT Tape users.

Resolution: Extend the CBT Tape project in the incubation phase for another year. Mr. Tully motioned for approval, Mr. Post seconded, and all were in favor.

Process for Onboarding Projects to Mainframe

Mr. Tully spoke about the need to establish a process and procedures when onboarding new projects to the mainframe at Maris. He asked the TAC to think about this and mentioned it will be discussed at future meetings.

Review Upcoming Annual Reviews

Ms. Kilborn reviewed the list of upcoming annual reviews, announcing the Linux Distribution Working Group is next on October 27, 2022.

Project Updates

There was a quick update of projects.

GenevaERS: Ms. Orth said they are actively working.

Mentorship program: Ms. Kilborn mentioned there will be a few fall mentorship programs, one paid and a couple other for credit only.

Zowe: Mr. Grady announced they are currently in the testing phases of Zowe 2.4. He also mentioned several members submitted proposals for the SHARE Conference.

Mr. Post announced he is retiring but that they have a successor who will begin on November 15.