Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - March 23, 2023


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Conference call details

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Meeting Recording

A recording of the meeting and the transcript are both available at the link below:


Voting member rollcall:

  • Phil Tully, Citi ( Platinum Member )
  • Giancarlo Frix, Rocket Software ( Platinum Member )
  • Nikolay Gueorguiev, SUSE ( Platinum Member )
  • Gregory MacKinnon, Broadcom ( Platinum Member )
  • Sudharsana Srinivasan, IBM ( COBOL Programming Course )

Not in Attendance

  • Sean Grady, Rocket Software ( Zowe )
  • James Caffrey, IBM ( ADE )
  • Joe Bostian, IBM ( Platinum Member )
  • Steve Conger, ADP ( Platinum Member )
  • Andrea Orth ( GenevaERS )

Quorum Not Achieved.

Other Attendees

  • John Mertic, The Linux Foundation
  • Yarille Kilborn, The Linux Foundation
  • Daniel HorĂ¡k
  • Dave Jones
  • David Edelsohn
  • Oleksandr Hubanov
  • Michael Bauer


Extracted from meeting-agenda labeled issues and pull requests from openmainframeproject/tac before the meeting.


Annual Review- 4/27 - Feilong
Mr. Mertic mentioned the Feilong annual review has moved to April 27 and confirmed the other upcoming annual reviews.

Review upcoming annual reviews
Mr. Mertic reviewed the list and dates for future meetings and noted availability for Projects to make changes if needed due to conflicts.

tersedecompress - move it out of Emeritus status
Mr. Hubanov spoke and mentioned he had come across the project and issued some pull requests and Mr. Mertic reached out to let him know the project was not active and asked if he was interested in maintaining it. Mr. Hubanov expressed interest but asked about the requirements. Mr. Tully and Mr. Edelsohn shared feedback. After discussion, Mr. Hubanov remained interested and the TAC along with Mr. Mertic believes the best move forward would be to start this back up at a Sandbox stage. Mr. Mertic asked for volunteers to help sponsor and guide Mr. Hubanov. Mr. Tully suggested bringing the topic up at the following TAC meeting when there are more members present.

A vote to move tesedecompress out of Emeritus status will be handled via email due to a lack of quorum.

Project updates

Ms. Srinivasan provided a brief update on the COBOL Programming Course.