Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - May 11, 2023


Voting member attendance

Platinum Member Representatives

  • Giancarlo Frix - Rocket Software
  • Gregory MacKinnon - Broadcom Corporation
  • Joe Bostian - IBM
  • Nikolay Gueorguiev - SUSE LLC
  • Phil Tully - Citi
  • steve conger - Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP)

Project Representatives

  • Andrea Orth - GenevaERS Representative
  • James Caffrey - ADE Representative
  • Sean Grady - Zowe Representative
  • Sudharsana Srinivasan - COBOL Programming Course Representative

Other Attendees

  • Cam Seay
  • Elizabeth Joseph
  • John Mertic
  • Mike Friesenegger
  • Sam Golob
  • Daniel HorĂ¡k
  • Dave Jones
  • David Edelsohn
  • Len Santalucia


  • Annual Review 5/11- Feilong #469
  • Open Mainframe Summit 2023 plan #489
  • Swag Proposal for Open Mainframe Project Slack to Reduce Channel Pollution #484
  • Add information on mainframe infrastructure #481
  • CD Foundation Best Practices SIG #460


The meeting was called to order at 2:05 pm US Eastern Time.

Mr. Friesenegger presented the annual review for Feilong. As part of the review, Mr. Friesenegger shared that zPro from Velocity Software now implements the Feilong RESTful APIs. There was some discussion on the potential Velocity Software engagement.

Mr. Mertic presented the plans for Open Mainframe Summit 2023. Attendees, in general, liked the approach. There were questions about the timing for the call for papers; Mr. Mertic shared that that would be opened in the next few weeks.

Mr. Mertic asked attendees to review the Slack best practices proposed via GitHub Issues and to reach out to Micheal Bauer if there is interest in contributing to the CD for Mainframes documents.

The following project updates were shared:

  • CBT Tape just did a release with 80 new updates made.
  • Zowe just finished its latest PI and is currently working on a solution to the infrastructure issues with the documentation system. There was also discussion about how to get access to newer z/OS versions and the changes the project made to support better committer diversity.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:01 pm US Eastern Time.