Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - August 24, 2023

Voting member attendance

  • Sean Grady - Zowe Representative
  • Gregory MacKinnon - Broadcom Corporation
  • Joe Bostian - IBM
  • Giancarlo Frix - Rocket Software
  • Phil Tully - Citi
  • Andrea Orth - GenevaERS Representative
  • Nikolay Gueorguiev - SUSE LLC

Not in Attendance

  • Sudharsana Srinivasan - COBOL Programming Course Representative

Other attendees

  • Yarille Kilborn, The Linux Foundation
  • John Mertic, The Linux Foundation
  • Elizabeth Joseph
  • Lionel Dyck
  • Cameron Seay

Quorum Achieved

Agenda Items

  • Transition projects to using LFX Meeting Management
  • TerseDecompress - Annual Review
  • TSTerm - Annual Review

Link to meeting: Recording


COBOL Working Group Annual Review: Mr. Seay provided a brief review of what the group has been doing and shared their stats. He said they are working with Marist College and Micro Focus and are moving to work in research primarily.

Mr. Mertic asked Mr. Seay to expand on the project’s plan with the grants and the funding they receive. Mr. Seay shared how the project is researching how to move into AI.

Mr. Tully motioned to renew the working group. Mr. Frix seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

  • RESOLVED- That the COBOL Working Group is hereby renewed for another year.

Open Telemetry: Mr. Mertic reported that they are close to pulling a proposal together. Mr. Mertic shared a link for more information.

Status of the Mainframe

IBM CE’s have been on site. Currently working between Viacom and IBM. Mr. Mertic said he could use help with having two or three TAC members as representatives while trying to set up the mainframe to lend expertise. Mr. Tully said he would reach out to Mr. Santalucia and assist. Mr. Seay volunteered to also assist. Mr. Bostian said he would reach out to someone and Mr. Dyck also said he’d like to help.

The TSTerm Annual Review will be rescheduled