Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - February 8, 2024


Voting member attendance

[ ] Andrea Orth - GenevaERS Representative

[ ] Giancarlo Frix - Rocket Software

[x] Gregory MacKinnon - Broadcom Corporation

[x] Joe Bostian - International Business Machines Corporation

[ ] Lauren Valenti - Open Mainframe Education Representative

[x] Mike Friesenegger - SUSE LLC

[ ] Phil Tully - Citi

[x] Sean Grady - Zowe Representative

[ ] Sudharsana Srinivasan - COBOL Programming Course Representative

Quorum not achieved

Other attendees

  • John Mertic, The Linux Foundation
  • Yarille Kilborn, The Linux Foundation
  • Len Santalucia
  • Elizabeth Joseph
  • Ray Mullins

Meeting Recording

The link to the meeting recording and transcript is: here


CD Foundation Best Practices SIG

[#460] ( Mr. Mertic provided an update and said the SIG has stalled out, and he is getting more information from others within the CD Foundation.

- OpenTelemetry SIG formation #535

Mr. Mertic said a guest would be attending the net meeting to speak about this SIG.

- Review OpenSSF Best Practices badge status and LFX Security usage for projects #541

Mr. Mertic reviewed the list of projects and their stage within the OpenSSF badge certification process. He said a big focus during his project check-ins in the new year will be centered around this. Mr. Mertic spoke about LFX Security and reminded the TAC of the value.

- Mainframe Update- Mr. Santalucia will notify the group when the migration will happen.

Mr. Mertic spoke about an AI working group. Mr. Bostian and Mr. Santalucia expressed interest in joining.