Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - April 11, 2024

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Conference call details

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Meeting Recording

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Voting Member Attendance

  • Joe Bostian - International Business Machines Corporation
  • Mike Friesenegger - Feilong Representative
  • Sean Grady - Zowe Representative
  • Sudharsana Srinivasan - COBOL Programming Course Representative

Voting Members Not in Attendance

  • Andrea Orth - GenevaERS Representative
  • Phil Tully - Citi
  • Giancarlo Frix - Rocket Software
  • Gregory MacKinnon - Broadcom Corporation
  • Lauren Valenti - Open Mainframe Education Representative

Other attendees

  • John Mertic, The Linux Foundation
  • Yarille Ortiz, The Linux Foundation
  • Tom Slanda, The Linux Foundation
  • Ray Mullins
  • Lionel Dyck
  • Donna Hudi
  • Michael Bauer
  • Daniel Horák
  • Len Santalucia


  • Mentorship Program Submissions [#629]
  • COBOL Programming Course [#585]
  • Review OpenSSF Best Practices Badge Status and LFX Security Usage for Projects [#541]
  • Mainframe Resource Coming Online Status [#596]
  • CLOTributor for Open Mainframe Project [#620]


Mentorship Program Submissions:

Ms. Ortiz provided an update on the summer mentorship term. She noted 8 programs have been submitted so far, and there is still time to submit programs. She said programs would begin opening for applications upon approval in LFX.

Mr. Santalucia asked if there were any programs submitted by the Zebra project. Ms. Ortiz said she would be reaching out to the group one more time.

Mr. Mertic said the mentorships would be announced publicly in the next week.

COBOL Programming Course:

Ms. Srinivasana and Mr. Bauer presented the annual review for the COBOL Programming Course. They shared accomplishments from the past year and their focus for the future. Ms. Srinivasana announced that her mentee from the 2023 Summer Mentorship will be joining her as a co-mentor for their 2024 Summer program.

Due to the lack of a quorum, a vote to renew the project will be taken via LFX.

OpenSSF Best Practices Badge and LFX Security Status:

Mr. Mertic will provide an update at the next meeting.

Mainframe Status:

Mr. Mertic reported that progress continues, and the proper agreements are in place. Mr. Mertic confirmed that mentees will have access to the Mainframe Resource. Mr. Mertic said he will have another update in the next couple of weeks and that projects will be transitioned through the summer of 2024.

Mr. Mertic said he would contact a potential HMC donor and provide information on the donation process. Mr. Santalucia confirmed that an HMC can be purchased if necessary.

Mr. Mertic will request Paul Newton to verify if 1 CP will be sufficient for the COBOL Programming Course

2024 Goals and Objectives:

Mr. Mertic presented the Open Mainframe Project’s 2024 Goals and Objectives. Ms. Hudi confirmed that the Open Mainframe Project has secured a training track for the GSE/SHARE event. Mr. Mertic identified that open source software education is a gap for the Open Mainframe Project audience, and this is an area for improvement.

A copy of the presentation can be found here: