Conformance Programs

While usage of an open source project in a commercial downstream project is governing by the project’s license, we often see that open source projects look to define a more succinct ecosystem of products where the project is used in a way that promotes interoperability. There exists many examples of this within the Linux Foundation and beyond.

The general considerations and approaches recommended by the Linux Foundation are outlined in this blog post

This page provides an overview of how Open Mainframe Project hosted projects can form a program and the benefits as provided by the Open Mainframe Project.

Requirements for Open Mainframe Project hosted projects

Open Mainframe Project will support projects at the ‘Graduated’ level in the creation of a conformance program. Projects at other stages may be considered at the discretion of the TAC.

Benefits provided from Open Mainframe Project

  • Creation of a conformance badge and branding guide.
  • Creation of a conformance landing page and directory, leveraging the Open Mainframe Landscape as a data source.
  • Open Mainframe Project staff will review and process all conformance applications in confidence and review them in an objective manner per the requirements defined by the project community.

Existing Open Mainframe Project project conformance programs