Mainframe Access for Open Source Projects

Open Mainframe Project hosts a mainframe environment for open-source projects that wish to support the mainframe architecture. The current hardware is an IBM z15, and projects can get a guest instance for either running Linux or z/OS.

NOTE: The current status of the Mainframe being activated is being tracked here

How to request mainframe resources

Please create a request to request mainframe resources. Applications are reviewed regularly and subject to TAC approval.

How to request support

Please create a support request for any issues with your mainframe resources. Note that the Open Mainframe Project does not support specific issues inside a provided instance; in those cases, the instance can be reset to the default image.

Resources available

The base offering is as follows:

  • Guest under z/VM or KVM LPAR ( z/OS, z/VM, Linux )
    • Linux distros: SUSE/openSUSE, Red Hat/Alma Linux, Ubuntu - latest versions
  • 2 Virtual CPUs
    • Enable SMT for Linux
  • 8GB RAM
  • SSH/SCP/SFTP access
  • TN3270 access
  • Disk Space: 128GB

If there are other requirements, those cases be specified in the application.

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