Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - June 8, 2023

Voting member attendance

  • Andrea Orth - GenevaERS Representative
  • Gregory MacKinnon - Broadcom Corporation
  • Joe Bostian - IBM
  • Sean Grady - Zowe Representative

Not in Attendance

  • Giancarlo Frix - Rocket Software
  • James Caffrey - ADE Representative
  • Sudharsana Srinivasan - COBOL Programming Course Representative
  • Nikolay Gueorguiev - SUSE LLC
  • Phil Tully - Citi

Other attendees

  • Yarille Kilborn, The Linux Foundation
  • Lauren Valenti
  • Dave Jones
  • Rune Christensen
  • Vincent Terrone
  • Elizabeth Joseph
  • Matt Hogstrom
  • Kelle Vevekra


  • Annual Review - COBOL Check - 6/8 #449
  • Annual Review - Mainframe Open Education - 6/8 #494
  • Swag Proposal for Open Mainframe Project Slack to Reduce Channel Pollution #484
  • Add information on mainframe infrastructure #481
  • CD Foundation Best Practices SIG #460
  • Open Mainframe Summit 2023 - CFP open through 6/30 #501

Link to meeting: Recording


Annual Review - COBOL Check:

Mr. Christenen provided the annual review for the COBOL Check Project. He said they are ready to release COBOL Check extension version 0.2.8 and have amassed 1,200 installations. He mentioned his company, Bankdata adopted COBOL Check and used it exclusively. They have 3,000 unit tests using COBOL Check verify code. They are working with a mentee in the summer through the Open Mainframe Project mentorship program to add more features to the program/project.

  • Due to a lack of quorum, Ms. Kilborn will take the renewal to vote with the TAC via email.

Mainframe Open Education:

Ms. Valenti presented the annual review for the Open Mainframe Project. She started by stating she is seeking approval to move from the Incubation to the Active phase. She noted contributions from several organizations, such as IBM, kyndryl, Rocket Software, Commonwealth University, and others. Ms. Valenti also said they are getting more academia involved, and she is working with Cameron Seay and ECU. They have applied for the OpenSSF badge and are awaiting their results. Ms. Valenti said they are currently also working on their own badge system so that they can award others for the work they do with them.

  • Due to a lack of quorum, Ms. Kilborn will take the renewal to vote with the TAC via email.

Swag Proposal for Open Mainframe Project Slack to Reduce Channel Pollution: Ms. Kilborn summarized this agenda item as it was started in a previous TAC meeting. Mr. Dyck was not present to continue the topic. Ms. Kilborn will add it to the upcoming TAC Meeting. Mr. Bostian added that after the last TAC meeting, the conversation continued, and they noticed the Slack chat Bot greets people upon logging in. He stated this could help.

Open Mainframe Summit 2023 - CFP open through 6/30:

Ms. Kilborn provided an update and shared the link regarding the CFP for Open Mainframe Summit. She also updated the TAC about the Summer member and project maintainer surveys as well as the mentorship program.

Project Updates

Zowe- Mr. Grady said he just had a Zowe TSC where they received great feedback from end-users. He also said studies provided insights they were unaware of and allowed them to see what was fixable.

Software Discovery Tool- Ms. Joseph said she’s had two calls with her mentees, and they’re already providing their ideas.

GenevaERS- Ms. Orth shared that GenevaERS may present at Winter Share.