Open Mainframe Project TAC Meeting - July 27, 2023

Voting Member attendance

  • Sean Grady - Zowe Representative
  • Gregory MacKinnon - Broadcom Corporation
  • Joe Bostian - IBM
  • Sudharsana Srinivasan - COBOL Programming Course Representative
  • Giancarlo Frix - Rocket Software

Not in Attendance

  • Nikolay Gueorguiev - SUSE LLC
  • Phil Tully - Citi
  • Andrea Orth - GenevaERS Representative

Other attendees

  • Yarille Kilborn, The Linux Foundation
  • John Mertic, The Linux Foundation
  • Daniel Horak
  • Elizabeth Joseph
  • Len Santalucia
  • David Edelsohn
  • Lionel Dyck

Quorum Achieved

Agenda Items

  • Transition projects to using LFX Meeting Management
  • TerseDecompress - Annual Review
  • TSTerm - Annual Review

Link to meeting: Recording forthcoming


TerseDecompressnand TSTerm Annual Reviews - Mr. Mertic announced these annual reviews will be rescheduled.

Mr. Mertic announced there was a light agenda and invited TAC members present to ask or mention any topics of interest. Some TAC members present asked some questions regarding the status of the Mainframe Infrastructure and the progress of the project.

Mainframe Open Education Update- They achieved the Open SFF Best Practices badge and will now move on to the next phase. This will be ratified at the next Board meeting.

Meeting Management Presentation Mr. Mertic provided a presentation on the new meeting management system. He noted key points such as no longer requiring an LFX ID, shareable Zoom links, etc. He invited projects interested in moving their TSC over to use this for their meeting planning, to advise Ms. Kilborn or him, and we could set them up.

The TAC conversed about attendance at SHARE events.

With no other business or questions, the meeting concluded.